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All SEO professionals struggle with the mission of getting decent backlinks to their website. Whether they blog constantly and submit it to other blog owners or some other way, the stress and obvious daily commitment is always there. What if there was an easier way to get backlinks to your website by simply posting an article to your own website? There is, and it is completely free. Yes, I said free and you don’t just get a few backlinks, you get 60 permeant backlinks/article submitted.

I of all people am more skeptical about *free* things than most people. However, recommended by a friend I went ahead and tried it. Folks, it works. I submitted an article to their system and the next day I saw 10 backlinks already. I have since submitted several articles all of which I’m seeing backlinks quickly.

I am going to teach you the quick easy way to go about adding/submitting and editing content that will give you the most effect out of your article.

Requirements of the System

Like all programs, this system has a few requirements:

  • Must be a member, to participate – JOIN.
  • Articles submitted must be 450+ words.
  • Articles (free members) can contain only 2 backlinks/article and submitted to 30 other blogs.
  • Must “spin” articles so you submit “unique” content each time.
  • No HTML is allowed, so there is no possibility of formatting the article

Tip:Remember, this is about the backlinks, not so much the traffic you gain.


Adding an Article


First of all, once you are registered go to “New Article”. Once the page is loaded, you will see several possibly confusing boxes sitting there. To explain a bit the first 4 boxes are the keywords and links that you want displayed for your %LINK1% and %LINK2%. For example, I use

  • Affordable Websites
  • Affordable SEO
  • Online Marketing
  • Cheap SEO

for both boxes.

Then, I simply use my homepage link ( as the link for both boxes. When you go placing your article in the box below the 4 boxes, your link will be anchored by one of those 4 keywords. You are looking to have anywhere from 4-6 keywords there but I wouldn’t recommend more.

Article Title

For an article title, you will want to use something catchy that can be reworded easily. For example, when I added my post on “How to Make PR3 Quickly“, I used the following title:

[spin]How to|Ways to|Want to|We can show you how to [/spin] [spin]Make|Get|Earn|Acquire[/spin] [spin]Page Rank 3|PR3[/spin] Quickly

That gives me these as titles:

1. How To Make Page Rank 3 Quickly
2. How To Make PR3 Quickly
3. How To Get Page Rank 3 Quickly
4. How To Get PR3 Quickly
5. How To Earn Page Rank 3 Quickly
6. How To Earn PR3 Quickly
7. How To Acquire Page Rank 3 Quickly
8. How To Acquire PR3 Quickly
9. Ways To Make Page Rank 3 Quickly
10. Ways To Make PR3 Quickly
11. Ways To Get Page Rank 3 Quickly
12. Ways To Get PR3 Quickly
13. Ways To Earn Page Rank 3 Quickly
14. Ways To Earn PR3 Quickly
15. Ways To Acquire Page Rank 3 Quickly
16. Ways To Acquire PR3 Quickly
17. Want To Make Page Rank 3 Quickly
18. Want To Make PR3 Quickly
19. Want To Get Page Rank 3 Quickly
20. Want To Get PR3 Quickly
21. Want To Earn Page Rank 3 Quickly
22. Want To Earn PR3 Quickly
23. Want To Acquire Page Rank 3 Quickly
24. Want To Acquire PR3 Quickly
25. We Can Show You How To Make Page Rank 3 Quickly
26. We Can Show You How To Make PR3 Quickly
27. We Can Show You How To Get Page Rank 3 Quickly
28. We Can Show You How To Get PR3 Quickly
29. We Can Show You How To Earn Page Rank 3 Quickly
30. We Can Show You How To Earn PR3 Quickly
31. We Can Show You How To Acquire Page Rank 3 Quickly
32. We Can Show You How To Acquire PR3 Quickly

As you noticed, I used [spin][/spin]. Essentially this associates all the words together to form different titles to make all the article titles completely unique.

Tip: Have at least 30+ title variants so you get unique titles for all 30 blog submissions.

You can see how many you have by clicking “Check”. This is implemented to give you the best possible changes when google indexes these links and articles and doesn’t simply discard them as trash but unique in title and content articles that are given higher priority.

Article Body

This is where it gets a bit tedious. After writing your article and publishing it to your own blog, simply copy and paste it into the big box. Now you must go through and add the attribute [spin][/spin] around words. Take this paragraph for example:

Making a decent [spin]Page Rank|Google Page Rank|PR[/spin] such as a 3 or higher eludes some [spin]Search Engine Optimization Pros|Search Engine Optimization Professionals|SEO Pros|SEO Professionals[/spin] in some cases because their [spin]market|niche[/spin] just isn’t wide enough for traffic and backlinks really to support them. However, in the PC market, it was quite easy to make a [spin]Page Rank of 3|Google Page Rank of 3|PR 3[/spin] through rigorous article writing and link trading with other sites. Oh and by the way, to really acquire the most out of this tutorial, you need to have decent blogging software such as WordPress or Joomla.

As you will notice, I used [spin] quite a bit in that one paragraph of which the entire article is about 1200 words long. Now, the recommended [spin] inclusion is 1-2 per paragraph. However, the more you use it, the more unique the content will seem. To make it easier, simply pick out a few commonly used words throughout your article and just spin those. I did this with the word PR or something similar.

Although this may seem quite difficult, it really isn’t. After adding 1-2 articles it comes quite easy. The rewards you will eventually reap FAR outweigh the 15 minutes it takes to post this.

Tip: When adding your %LINK1% and %LINK2% to your article, be sure to input them at the top “above the fold” basically the first or second paragraph. That way they are indexed closer to the top and if people browse the blogs you submit to they are more likely to click these links.


When adding tags, use the niche or the MAIN category you would classify yourself as. For all my posts, I use SEO since I provide SEO services along with Website Design. But if you are a Mortgage Broker, you could use Cheap Loans, Low Interest or something to that effect. Again it is up to you and the keywords you have chosen.

Input Keyword

This is simply searches the all the submitted blogs in their database and finds the ones that are tagged as these keywords. For me, I use 2 keywords such as:

  • Websites|SEO

In this way, I get blogs that deal with SEO and Websites so that I get a more targeted audience that may view my posts.

Tip: Remember, add only blogs that are close to your topic.
Tip:Don’t forget, this isn’t mainly about hits or the CTR but about backlinks and SERPs. So if you don’t get massive traffic, don’t worry it is all about the links.

Other Services

If you are thinking this may be too much, you can always email me and I can give you a simple quote on what a service like this would be to perform daily/weekly/monthly for you.


Sign up for your free membership and follow my walkthrough to get more targeted results and get your first article posted quickly and efficiently.

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