Planing To Hire Seo Content Writers – Check The Standards Of Freelance Content Writers

The following list of do’s and don’ts for hire freelance writer Freelance Content Writers is the touchstone to check the quality of the freelance content writer you have selected. However, there are a lot more factors that should be considered and some of them are briefed in the paragraphs below this list.


Use the following:
• Short sentences, common words, titles, subtitles, and paragraphs
• Single idea per paragraph
• Crispy concise text
• Place the most important point and conclusion first
• Layman’s language
• Build credible text rather than.
• Bulleted lists
• Highlight text with the following attributes: bold or color, hyperlinks
• Catchy headlines avoid too cute or too clever lines
Avoid the following:
• Marketing jargon
• Redundancy
• Overloading information
• Hyperbole

The best way to hire freelance writer is to look for freelance writer websites. Wondering how to pick a good freelance content writer among the hundreds of freelance writer resumes. Let me reveal a few secrets of finding the best freelance writers for your article writing, press release, website content, copywriting, article submissions, & other writing needs.

Check SEO writing skills of the freelancer

When it comes to writing for the web, the primary purpose of content writing is to rank high in search engines. Check if the freelancer writer website ranks high in Google. If it does, then you are at a good SEO writer’s website. At times it so happens that good freelance SEO writers that are not native English writers perform poor when it comes to writing human readable content.

Check for human readability

The second step in locating your freelance seo writer content writer is to check the freelance writer’s website for language skills. Language skills include perfect grammar, punctuation, rich vocabulary, the fine thread connecting the entire content, interesting, informative, and spell binding nature of the content written. Freelance writer’s qualification too is an important factor to determine the research capabilities of the freelance writer.

Check the researching capabilities

The third step is to check the researching capabilities of the freelance writer. It’s a bit difficult to analyze the freelance writer’s website and come to a conclusion about the research skills of the freelancer. It is a good idea to get a sample content from the freelance writer on a topic of your choice. The wisest thing would be asking the freelancer to write on a topic you are in need of. By doing so, you can check the research capabilities of the writer as well as get your job done without wasting time. You can also pay for the article written as sample by the freelancer as a good will gesture. (The time spent and effort put in by the freelance writer should be honestly rewarded.) Check my blogs for more information on picking the best freelance writers and content writers.

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