How To Boost Link Popularity To Get High Ranking In Search Engines

The existence of search engines in internet is very crucial as without them people can’t easily find information available in internet. However, what does link popularity mean The simple point is the quality and quantity links that point to certain blog or sites. Link popularity is very crucial to place your site’s position in search engines result. That is why it is very vital in accordance with your site’s ranking..

The quality of links is determined by other sites’ Page Rank that give links and the relevancy of sites’ topics between them. So, you have to consider several things to build your sites’ links as you can not just search for links from a large number of websites or you get bad effects. For example: link farms, the blogs that are made only for sending links to certain sites to get higher ranking in google. They strongly prohibit this bad way to build inbound links.
If google know this deceitful link popularity, they of course remove your sites from lists and finally your sites can not be found in their listing. Beside Pange Rank, you must look for blogs that have the similar topics like yours. It means that you have to try to get their links.
I will share how to build link popularity as follows:
1. Submit your site to directories. The next step is to register your site to popular web directories and find the relevant category. Many of them are free and many others are not. Finding web directories that cost nothing to submit your URL listed takes a little bit longer than premium web directories. But if you do consistently, you will harvest good result.
2. Give comments to other blogs. Whenever you arrived at blogs, you can leave your anchor text in the box name. Post useful and respectful comments as the webmasters will always detect your bad spam.
3. Exchange Links. You can make reciprocal links with other webmasters to improve your backlinks as long as from the relevant sites. Request them to put your link in their blogs and you do the same.
There is no one night backlins building. Build your links consistently as explained above in order to get best result in Search Engines results.

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