SEO Misconceptions Increasing

Recently, I have been cruising my round of blogs, forums and social bookmarking sites and I have been seeing more and more fallacies, aged material and misdirected information. More importantly, a few years ago people weren’t buzzing about how to get them seo clients, but how to actually DO seo.

Keeping up with the Google algorithms, link exchanges and updated content is all quite tough. But when SEO providers begin cutting corners things become complicated.


I have always said content is king and content is your foundation for any online marketing you can ever employ. Without monthly, weekly and possibly daily updates depending on your niche you will fall from SERPs faster than anything. However, let me go back and tie this into my main point of misdirected information.

I came across a website called which has several SEO related articles that I sifted through. However, I came across an article that had 5 main points:

  • Google loves content
  • Find relevant blogs to comment on
  • Use your real name then your keyword
  • Post REAL comments
  • Choose your battles carefully–find DO FOLLOW blogs to comment on


I decided to write an insightful comment about the blog post that can be found through the link about that some of the information might be misdirecting readers and outdated. Now I grant Google does love content and relevant blogs are always where you should be commenting but after that things just get fuzzy.

Writing a Quality comment takes some brain power and time.  Don’t waste it by posting on a category related, do follow blog that has no page rank.

First of all, I am going to have to disagree with them on this. They said before “Find relevant blogs to comment on” and if your implication still stands, then it makes only sense to assume you KNOW what you are talking about in your respective niche/market. If you stick in sites in your market (which is highly recommended) it isn’t hard at ALL to write up a comment about anything the author may be talking about. Your niche should come quite easily to you and if it doesn’t maybe you should rethink your entire business model.

Choose your battles carefully–comment only on blogs that have PR.

Secondly, PR isn’t weighted heavily anymore in SERPs which are really where the gold is. Of course PR may show a “good” site, but again, PR isn’t really put into the “equation” as much anymore so by telling people to ONLY post on decent PR blogs is bad. Similar to what Dan said, it really doesn’t matter much – it is ALL about getting backlinks even if the site has 0 PR. Now, you obviously should try for quality backlinks but PR doesn’t really display that as much anymore. However, the ultimate irony here is their site actually has a PR of 0 themselves. By their logic, no one should comment on their site at all.

I then proceeded to submit my comment which was then deleted 2 day thereafter. I went back through and noticed that only comments commending the post were present which led me to believe they are only feeding their readers what they want to hear even though the readers may not know what’s going on. This is a problem I have seen in several other blogs, not just on that one.

Link “Exchanges”

Another misconception I’ve noticed on several forums, specifically DigitalPoint, is that sitewides (normally links placed in the footer of websites) and link pages (several, normally dozens of links placed on a page labeled “Links”) are worthwhile and are actually being sold!

When Google indexes and crawls a website and sees sites that link farm or have things such as this, they simply ignore the page or in worse case scenarios blacklist the website.

Sitewides are kind of relative really. For example, whenever I make a website for a client I place 1-2 links in the footer advertising my website to any traffic going to those sites. This isn’t considered bad. But if you place multiple links of different content in the footer Google reads this as spam and ignores it. For example, if you have a footer like:

Website Templates | Casino Gambling | Bird Houses | Clock Store

Those links are usually given no weight whatsoever.


There are usually two types of directories Article and Link directories. They were both very popular when they were used to create massive backlink pools for webmasters looking to increase their PR. However, they have since “fallen from Google’s grace”.

First off, Link Directories don’t carry much weight at all anymore. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few decent ones out there that are really picky on who they allow in. If you are looking to get any positive feedback from adding your site to directories, find one that is in your niche and has very high requirements. Otherwise, you are simply walking into a link farm trying to squeeze money out of you.

Article Directories are still quite popular such as,, and several other decent ones. I have yet to notice anything in Google discrimination of press releases and quality article depository backlinks from these kinds of articles. I use them myself and recommend doing it highly. I have seen noticeable backlink improvement since I began adding my articles.

Article Marketing (Social Bookmarking Sites)

I’ve read on several occasions of people getting banned from these sites for “simply posting their own content”. Then they come to public forums asking why and asking for help for them. Folks, the reason these people were banned, and something everyone may keep in mind for the future, was because they were using these sites (Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Mixx, Sphinn and others) as their own little marketing tools. That is not what they were created for and they back it up quite efficiently with the magical ban button.

With that said, I am not attempting to dissuade everyone from marketing on these sites, rather, get friends or allow the community to submit your content rather than submitting every single article you have ever created to these sites. It can hurt you and your website if you are placed on a blacklist, just be weary. Try to heavily market your exclusive, or news breaking posts rather than your normal blog posts to keep the site active.


Through the past week, I have gathered these several “misconceptions” that I have noticed on more than one occasion. If you have a misconception, feel free to share it and give an example if possible. SEO is shrouded in mystery from Google to the “ultimate strategy” and with people muddying the water for newcomers, it makes things only more difficult.

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