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My new E-Book I am currently working on is nearling completion. Full of sources, information, tips and hints this is a great source to help debunk and set the record straight on some of the biggest SEO myths in the industry.

Here is a sneak preview of my E-Book for your enjoyment:

So rather than Google, or Matt, simply coming out and telling the SEO community about their plans of deprecating and recommendations against using it, they thought implication was enough.

However, this isn’t the main point I’m trying to make here. The fact, through evidence from the original source concludes that the no follow attribute isn’t worth much of anything anymore. Google and Matt even recommend against spending the time  in implementing the attributes in all your links since the outcome won’t affect your website deeply.

Nevertheless, when the rumor mill ran its course throughout blogs, forums and videos it created the idea that it blocks Google, Yahoo, MSN and others from following links[1][2], indexing them, and showing them in SERPs[3]. The issue here is, that it DOES. Even with the no follow attribute implemented, the SEs show results in SERPs, index them and follow them. It has been deprecated and should be avoided when your time can be spent on more important SEO measures.

This is just a brief segment on my conclusion of the rel=”nofollow” attribute that has, for years, been commonplace in links in millions of websites.

To get the full scoop, with evidence and quotes from Matt Cutts (where the nofollow gained popularity and he placed his full support) proving my point, become a member and you’ll recieve my E-Book for FREE.

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