SEO Myths, Tips and Hints E-Book Released

I just finished writing my new 11 page E-Book consisting of:

  • Onpage SEO
  • 6 Major SEO Myths
  • How to obtain PR Quickly with ease
  • Optimize wordpress with various 3rd party programs
  • much more


The book has many insights, information and conclusions all backed by reputable sources throughout the SEO community.

The main purpose of this book was to debunk various myths and allow people to input their own opinions and tactics when trying to promote their website through SEO.

Many E-Books that have this kind of information and are this specific with evidence and subsidence usually cost money, but I am giving this book away for everyone to read.

If you are interested in checking out the new E-Book, simply register and you can then download the ebook from below. Once you complete the one simple step, you will be able to view my members only E-Book.

But, remember,  only 1000 are available! So take 5 minutes and register to gain access to SEO information that will open your eyes.

DOWNLOAD NOW! - 919.58 KB (PDF) with 4746 downloads


Here is a sneak preview of my E-Book for your enjoyment:

So rather than Google, or Matt, simply coming out and telling the SEO community about their plans of deprecating and recommendations against using it, they thought implication was enough.

However, this isn’t the main point I’m trying to make here. The fact, through evidence from the original source concludes that the no follow attribute isn’t worth much of anything anymore. Google and Matt even recommend against spending the time  in implementing the attributes in all your links since the outcome won’t affect your website deeply.

Nevertheless, when the rumor mill ran its course throughout blogs, forums and videos it created the idea that it blocks Google, Yahoo, MSN and others from following links[1][2], indexing them, and showing them in SERPs[3]. The issue here is, that it DOES. Even with the no follow attribute implemented, the SEs show results in SERPs, index them and follow them. It has been deprecated and should be avoided when your time can be spent on more important SEO measures.

This is just a brief segment on my conclusion of the rel=”nofollow” attribute that has, for years, been commonplace in links in millions of websites.

So, if you are interested in learning more about SEO, simply register and download the book which takes about 30 seconds to do for dozens of SEO tips that could save you thousands of hours behind the computer.

DOWNLOAD NOW! - 919.58 KB (PDF) with 4746 downloads

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